About the Blog’s Co-Author

Blog’s Co-Author: @J_H_Hope

I began writing as an escape for myself, but I have continued writing in hopes of providing that escape for others. I started noticing a love of writing in elementary school when I didn’t mind the writing tests that we were all forced to take. That love continued into college, and now here I am, an English Major. I was always nervous and self-conscious about posting my stories and things on Wattpad because of the lack of reads and support they got. Then I met one person that became a fan of my work and changed my whole perspective. They taught me that if you capture the attention of one person with your work, then it is a success. You just have to take the leap.

More about me; I am 20 years old and a college student. As I mentioned before, I am an English Major. I am one class away from finishing my A.A. in English. After that, I will continue on to get my B.A. in professional writing. I draw inspiration for my writings from my observations in the world around me. I do not have a specific genre that I stick to, but I am a realist and a romantic which, I believe, shows in a lot of my works. I have a two-year-old corgi named Sirius who keeps me company and brings me immense joy.

Where I was once a shy and self-conscious writer, I want to now help others who lack the confidence to post their works. I want to assist the talented writers who, like myself, have gone unnoticed thus far. Who knows, we could help the next Stephen King or Rainbow Rowell get discovered and jumpstart a whole career. I’d be just as happy if we helped one author gain the confidence in their work to keep writing and creating. The writing community is one of the best to be apart of, and with this blog we hope to show our support for that community.

I have known her for a couple of years and she is honestly one of the best people I have ever met! She is kind and supportive, and really knows how to pick up a person when they are feeling down! Make sure to check out her work and even write to her! You won’t regret it!! -blackangel1212

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