Why I Started this Blog

By: @blackangel1212

We have had many authors in our life publish amazing works, but these amazing works aren’t limited to select individuals. I have met and spoke with so many people who are phenomenal and create amazing stories filled with emotion. Your works come from a special place that automatically make it amazing and it upsets me when people do not believe they aren’t good enough or quit on the WIP’s because they do not get the support they were hoping for. I always wondered why some people were noticed while others were not. But I know many of you can do great, if just given the chance. So here I am creating something for the Writing Community, and I hope many more writers ask to join this small community of supporters, that I hope to grow! We lean on each other for support and give one another the courage and pride to continue writing. For all of you out there who feel they aren’t good enough, or that they don’t deserve to continue their stories, throw that thought out the window because you are truly one of a kind and there is no one on the planet like you!!

So many people although thanking me for doing this have also been asking me why I am doing this. So, I make this small article to explain why.

Growing up and even now I have always been overweight, no matter how many sports I played (I played baseball for over 10 years) or how many diets I went on (Going to 3 different nutritionist over the course of my life, weeks and weeks in the gym and even resorting to supplements) but no matter the case I rarely lost the weight. I am fine with that and how I am now, I’m healthy with no conditions and I couldn’t ask for anything better. But growing up being healthy didn’t mean anything to those around me. At this point in time, I know that all of you know what bullying is, either from being bullied yourself, seeing someone be bullied or even you were the bully. When I was younger, I was the one being bullied. I hated it and eventually I started to hate myself and the people around me. I sat by myself and learned to do everything myself so I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone. But no matter how bad everyone around me was, when they needed me for something I was there. I never said no. My kindness was all I had, and eventually I learned that I didn’t want to stoop to their levels.

I often retreated into books. I read a lot of fiction because it helped take me to another place, where I could get lost for days. It felt nice to not be me for once. And I was pushed so far down that I lost myself, I got so used to being alone that I ended up not even giving people a chance to show me any different. Everyone was the enemy and I was alone to fight it all myself. There were people that I did consider my friends at the time and I would be happy when they were with me but I felt disconnected, the happiness wasn’t genuine and only made me feel worse that this happy feeling was not something I could witness and truly feel all the time.

High school was different and the people I considered a friend got different schedules and we rarely saw each other. But I was fine being alone. Nothing changed either way. Then somewhere, during the 10th grade I met some people who didn’t laugh at me or ask me for something. They just wanted to hang out with me and get to know me and when they did learn more about me, they never asked me to change. They liked me for me. They brought that little spark back into my life that helped me to rebuild that connection I thought was broken long ago.

I will be forever grateful for this because a year later I started speaking to a guy. At first it was nothing serious and then after a couple of months it became something beautiful. My first boyfriend became my fiancé and then my husband and we have been happily together for 6 almost 7 years now. He brought a smile to my life that I thought I would never have, he brought me joy and laughter and most importantly self-confidence. He showed me that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was beautiful (or according to him the only one for him *faints from all this love!!!*) I can’t help but cry at this point lol, honestly I never thought I would have something like this in my life. I went all throughout elementary, middle and half of high school with people bullying me and bringing me down. I faced depression and was in situations that I do regret now, but I promise things get better over time.

That’s why I help people when I can and give them hope and do things like this blog. If I can be the first person that brightens your world and resparks that connection, then I am happy to know that I have brought someone out of the darkness that consumed a lot of my life. This is also a reason I have you guys give me some background information and talk about what inspired you to start writing, so everyone else reading your work can understand on an emotional level and see how much you really put into your work. Everyone has a different mind set and no one is the same. This doesn’t make us bad, it makes us unique and sometimes people just don’t understand that, thus giving you a chance to explain yourself.

I hope this explains in detail why I do this so those who ask me, know why. I really want to do well with this blog and bring joy to everyone who takes a part of it either by being featured or reading what is put on it.

So if you ever want to be featured on the blog or just need someone to talk to you can reach out to me here through my email, on twitter (@proudhutcher12) or Wattpad (@blackangel1212) if you have it! Until next time ❤

5 thoughts on “Why I Started this Blog”

  1. This is beautiful! The reasons as to why you did this blog are ones not many others have. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve created this blog to help others and give them that little light of hope and encouragement to keep going. I really hope you do well with your blog and that you are able to take it to where you want too. You really deserve it because from what I’ve read, you are a wonderful, inspiring person and others should see that. Reading this article brought back some memories for me and by the end, I’d gained a new hope to keep going with my writing even when I felt like it may not have been worth it. Thank you! XX


  2. Great inspiration.
    I have same experience.
    May the intended goal be achieved.
    Fight on.

    Thank you very much for this blog, I have been inspired


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