A Huge Thank You!!

So this week marks featuring 100 people!!!! That’s absolutely crazy to me, when I first started this blog, I was seeking out amazing writers asking if they wanted to be apart of this new thing. Since then, I have had people reach out to me to thank me and let me know good things about the blog!!

I honestly want to cry because all I ever wanted to achieve with this blog was to give people the support they needed for their work! I love that we have grown and now also have over 100 subscribers!! I want to thank everyone who has been featured and for giving me the chance to support you and I want to thank those who have given the blog your continued support!!

There are some people I want to shout out specifically for the help they have given:

1. @J_H_Hope: You decided to go along with this lone idea I had and agreed to be my co-author on the blog! I honestly could have not made the blog what it is today without all the help and support you have given me since before day 1. I love you to the moon and back and wouldn’t know what to do without you in my life ❤
2. @escapist07: I know we have spoken a lot since starting this blog, but your kind words of encouragement have helped me so much over these past weeks. You have made me feel like I am doing everything right with the blog although I still have a lot to learn lol But You have also supported me unconditionally and let me week after week feature the amazing poems you have written!! So thank you so much for everything!!
3. @SecondTimeAroundHomestead: Although I have not spoken to you directly, does not mean I don’t notice the support you have given the blog week after week! It makes me happy to see you liking each post and not only showing your support for the blog but for the writers featured on it!! So thank you for all you have done and I hope I can continue to do great in your eyes!!
4. @Meg: I have you down on my list as well for those who support me!! You are another person that I have not spoke to directly but has always been there liking my content! This has given me such a boost of confidence and showed me that what I am doing is going in the right direction! Thank you!!

I hope we can continue with the blog for a long time and build a strong community of writers and readers who all support one another!! So cheers to 100 featured writers and cheers to many more in the future ❤

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