Welcome Back!!

I know it has been awhile since there has been any activity on the blog. I have been really busy with school and honestly I just needed a break. I felt like I had so much on plate and I just needed a breather. I have been doing okay in school and have been wanting to get back to all of you and seeing the amazing new works that I have been missing out on!

As you can see the sight has been re-vamped to look a lot nicer! Let me know what you think of the new design for the site, is it better or worse? Also, right not the spotlight writers section is empty, but if you have any stories that want to be featured reach out to me!

Now onto the big news that I wanted to tell you guys about! Each month from the first of the month till the end, I will be holding a little raffle. Anyone can enter with their works, either a free book that can be read online or a book to be purchased up until $5.00 (I would do more but I need to save some money lol) and at the end of the month, I will use a random generator to pick someone and I will buy and read the book, as well as put up a review of the book that will remain up for the month and will give weekly shout-out’s on my Twitter account for many to see!

What do you guys think? Something interesting or no? Let me know down in the comments below so I can work on getting it set up!!

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