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A Huge Thank You!!

So this week marks featuring 100 people!!!! That’s absolutely crazy to me, when I first started this blog, I was seeking out amazing writers asking if they wanted to be apart of this new thing. Since then, I have had people reach out to me to thank me and let me know good things about… Continue reading A Huge Thank You!!

Becoming an English Major: The Discouraging Set-backs you Might Experience

By: @J_H_Hope Hello writers! I hope you all are maintaining your physical and mental health as we continue through this chaotic year. Recently, I was having a conversation with my mom, who I must give credit for being my biggest supporter, about the things English majors go through on their journey in higher education. I… Continue reading Becoming an English Major: The Discouraging Set-backs you Might Experience

Why I Started this Blog

By: @blackangel1212 We have had many authors in our life publish amazing works, but these amazing works aren’t limited to select individuals. I have met and spoke with so many people who are phenomenal and create amazing stories filled with emotion. Your works come from a special place that automatically make it amazing and it… Continue reading Why I Started this Blog

The Perfect Book Cover?

By: @blackangel1212 and @J_H_Hope Despite what we want to believe, creating the perfect book cover will most likely never happen. However, before you go throwing things at me or saying harsh words, remember I said most likely. Who knows maybe you can be the one to deviate from this and create the perfect cover. Just… Continue reading The Perfect Book Cover?

Tips for Writer’s Block

By: @J_H_Hope Writer’s block. An antagonist that all writers face at some point in their lives. Although writer’s block can feel like you are perpetually stuck in the mud, there are some common ways to combat this enemy. I am here to help you on this journey, so I will list and explain some of… Continue reading Tips for Writer’s Block

Our Recommenders ❤

So I am putting this section in to thank all the amazing people who recommended our beautiful writers! They showed amazing support to writers who they believed deserved to be in the spotlight as well! It’s a long list but everyone on it deserves to be there ❤ Make sure to comment below and thank… Continue reading Our Recommenders ❤

About Me

I have been writing for awhile now, but it was mostly personal. I have only ever finished one book which I posted on Wattpad but it wasn’t anything amazing, but the people who have read and voted on it has showed that I am moving in the right direction. I have so many ideas that… Continue reading About Me

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