Updating with a Busy Schedule

By: @J_H_Hope

Updating schedules are an important element to writing when you are sharing your work on a platform like Wattpad. When readers take interest in your work, they look forward to that certain day or time which you give them more of your story.

If you leave readers hanging for too long, they might start to lose interest and you will lose reads. I know this, unfortunately, from personal experience. If any of you are like me, life can sometimes get in the way of your nice and organized writing schedule.

There are some things you can do in order to maintain your updating schedule and keep your readers intrigued.

#1. Fit your updating schedule into your “every-day” routine.

If you know that you go to class four days a week, make your updating day the fifth day. If you have work seven days a week, set a time before or after work to post your update. I enjoy updating, so I look forward to posting. My updating schedule acts as motivation for me when I’m working through class and homework. Try seeing your updates as something to look forward to in the busyness of your day or week.

#2. Avoid long periods of writer’s block.

Take it from someone who knows, writer’s block can quickly become the death of a story. Not only in popularity, but potentially altogether. That happened to my first ever work that I posted. It died a tragic death. Your works deserve better than that! If you need tips on avoiding or getting out of a writer’s block rut, see our article on that exact topic!

#3. Set realistic goals.

You and you alone know what you are capable of realistically. Keep your limits in mind when making your update schedule. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself just to impress readers. Be realistic in your updating goals so that you don’t fall behind. Readers will be much more impressed with you and want to keep reading your works if you have a schedule that you can keep as opposed to one you fall behind on.

#4. Keep your readers informed.

Life happens! It happens quickly and unexpectedly, and it happens to each of us. Sometimes life might come at you and interrupt your pristine update schedule. An emergency, a family matter, or a personal issue could come along and prevent you from getting your new part posted. I know how it feels to think that you are letting your readers down, but if you inform them of the interruptions you might be facing they will understand. Let them know if your schedule is changing or will be interrupted in some way. I know personally, as a reader, I appreciate when an author keeps their readers in the loop about their schedule and doesn’t just leave them hanging. I will gladly wait an extra week or two for the next part of a story, if I am assured that it will be posted eventually.

#5. Let your (and your reader’s) excitement motivate you.

When I know that someone is excited about reading the next part of my story, it pushes me to keep up with a schedule. Your readers love your work! They anticipate the next addition to your story, so by keeping your schedule you won’t let them down. Allow the power to satisfy your readers to push you to work that much harder toward keeping your schedule. That is IF any of you need motivation. I know sometimes I need the little push after getting discouraged or distracted from my writing.

The most important thing to remember is not to let your update schedule or your work stress you too much. If this creative passion, that I know you all have, begins to stress you, then it will become a task instead of something you love and look forward to.

Don’t let writing become a grueling task for you! Keep writing and keep loving to write! The writing community is here for you if things start to get too much. Humans are more comfortable when their lives operate in routine, so once you get into a comfortable schedule, things will get easier.

If your first attempts at a schedule don’t work out, then continue trying! Never give up!

I wish you good luck and happy writing my friends!


Finding time to update can be a grueling thing, and I know from experience that I have never been good with that. We hope that these tips of managing your personal life and updating your book’s are helpful to you! If you would like to know some more tips for other problems you may face, comment below what you would want to hear about next! Remember to stay safe and healthy ❤

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